We Make Top Quality Steering Wheels for Car Enthusiasts Only

Our goal is to cater to a unique group of customers that love the car they drive. Owning a great car comes with great responsibilities. Your Volvo is a reflection of you, and the things that you love. At Exclusive Steering, we want to be part of making your dreams come true. We offer everything that you need to create the perfect Volvo steering wheel, from the simplest to the most complex design. Our selection includes the highest quality materials for the best experience in design and creativity. We understand that every customer is different. This is why we have several styles for you to choose from. Materials, designs, colors, and fabrics are available for you to choose and create the perfect Volvo steering wheel.

Material Options

  • Alcantara
  • Painted
  • Leather
  • Carbon Fiber and more

Three Designer Options to Choose From

Build My Own- We get it. You want to design your own Volvo Custom Steering Wheel. You may have a design you create and want us to build, or you may choose to use our resource and tool section. Neither option you choose is okay with us. We want your experience to be your own.

Help Me Build It- Okay. You might not be ready to try out your skills by building your first Volvo carbon fiber steering wheel. We understand that some people are not sure about the outcome of a new design, and they want to get some expert advice. That is where our team can help you make the best decision for designing your Volvo steering wheel.

I Just Want Something Simple- Not everyone wants the attention or has the time to create something complex. We get it. You can use our resources and tools to create a simple, no-hassle Volvo steering wheel. You can just choose your materials and submit your order and we will do the rest.

Contact Us Today to Order Your Custom Volvo Steering Wheel!

Our job is simple. We are here to make the customization of your Volvo simple and exciting. You are happy to show us your skills, and we are happy to build what you design. Exclusive Steering designs custom Volvo steering wheels. If you have a vision in mind for your Volvo steering wheel, share it with us, and we will make it happen. Contact us today for a quote! We can help you build your Volvo steering wheel!