Why Your Italian Car Deserves A Custom Steering Wheel

Why Your Italian Car Deserves A Custom Steering Wheel

There are many performance aftermarket parts that can give even the finest Italian vehicle a significant edge. Spoilers and wings can improve contact with the pavement. Custom pipes can open up additional power. Advanced air intake can boost power generation. 

But what about a custom steering wheel?

The steering wheel is the center point of the overall styling of your interior. Sure, it is a cosmetic upgrade, but a custom steering wheel can bring multiple material advantages to the table as well as look and feel amazing. A custom wheel will go a long way toward the personalization of your car and show that you care about quality. 

The Advantages of a Custom Steering Wheel

Just as your drivetrain must link the engine to the transmission with minimal mechanical tolerance, so should a steering wheel meet your reach and complement the biomechanics of your hands and arms with minimal slack. Further, as the central point of your car’s control system, it should place as many functions as possible into your immediate grasp. Here are a few ways the most advanced custom steering wheels achieve this.

Make Driving More Enjoyable

When it comes to the look and feel of key aspects of the interior, we want them to look good, certainly. But achieving a custom look just elevates the experience so much more. Not only will you enjoy excellent high-quality materials, but you will feel more at home with a look and feel that you have had a hand in selecting. With advanced design, superior materials, and styling that has been personalized to your liking, a custom steering wheel just makes your car more enjoyable to drive.

Place Electronic Systems at Your Fingertips

Modern automobiles feature heavily integrated electronics and computer systems. These systems enhance the driving experience by giving you more control over how the car will function. Naturally, they incorporate a number of important functions like terrain-variable behavior, cruise control, fuel consumption-to-performance ratios, and more. Further, modern infotainment systems put valuable information like weather conditions, systems information, and more at your disposal. A custom wheel like the Lamborghini Urus steering wheel puts the functions you need well within your reach.


Your height, the level of your eyes, the width of your shoulders, the length of your arms, and the size and proportions of your hands all dictate what your ideal steering wheel should look like. Getting the right fit can be a challenge, but without a custom steering wheel, it would not be possible.


With your choice of materials, contours, size, proportions, and function placements, you’ll enjoy the feeling that only a wheel made to your exacting standards can bring. Choose materials for looks, feel, and styling that meets your needs exactly. There are many options. Just take a look at our Lamborghini steering wheel options page to see everything a custom steering wheel can be.

Contact Exclusive Steering For Yours! 

If you’re interested in taking your vehicle’s appearance to the next level, allow Exclusive Steering to provide you with a custom steering wheel. Our design team can take your wildest dreams and bring them to life. Contact us today to begin customizing yours! 

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