The Advantages of Customizing With a Steering Wheel Made of Carbon Fibers

The Advantages of Customizing With a Steering Wheel Made of Carbon Fibers

Carbon fiber is an advanced material used in custom automotive upgrades and comes with a host of advantages. It is exceedingly light and durable, resistant to sun damage, staining, and corrosion.

Arguably the biggest advantage of carbon fiber manifests when it is used in the fabrication of aftermarket body parts. In this application, better aerodynamics and the reduction of potentially hundreds of pounds of dead weight can dramatically improve performance. Also, not to be disregarded is the aggressive styling and appealing patterns that make this material an iconic automotive upgrade.

But what about interior parts like a stick shift handle or a steering wheel? Can carbon fiber be a worthwhile material for items like these? The answer is yes. This is especially true for interior components that benefit from the high ergonomic design, like a Lexus carbon fiber steering wheel.

Improved Aesthetics

As the centerpiece of your car interior, the look and style of the steering wheel have a big effect on how much you will enjoy the driving experience. The unique carbon fiber pattern has a strong technological aesthetic that works well with any highly customized interior. You’ll feel right at home every time you place your hands on the custom grip and unique control curves of these top-of-the-line products.

Comfort & Feel

The carbon fiber surfaces offer just the right amount of traction and surface tension to help you hold your grip with just a little pressure. Conversely, using a lighter touch will let your hand slide along the wheel, smoothly changing position. Padded grips, upholstered in leather or the material of your choice give you even more grip options, improved comfort, and supreme control.

Optimal Ergonomics

Our top-quality products are prime examples of the aggressive research and development that has gone into their ergonomic profile. As you enter a turn, your hand will naturally fall into the curves of these carbon fiber wheels giving you an unbeatable feeling, secure grip, and superior control.

The engineers behind these advanced interior upgrades have put a tremendous amount of research and development into the ergonomics and control integrations they offer. Intensive R&D has delivered ergonomics that are optimal for a number of driving styles and body types.

There are many other styles, types, and brands to choose from, as well as attractive customization options for your Porsche carbon fiber steering wheel. Get in touch to learn more.

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