How To Customize Your Steering Wheel With Exclusive Steering

How To Customize Your Steering Wheel With Exclusive Steering

The vision of a customized steering wheel starts with Exclusive Steering. When you have a classic car like the 2014 Mustang, you want nothing but the best accessories. At Exclusive Steering, we have been helping car enthusiasts customize their vehicles from the inside out. Original steering wheels are okay for starter wheels, but when you mature, you want something more powerful and unique.

Being different is not a bad thing. It sets your vehicle apart from other vehicles. Exclusive steering has an array of high-quality steering wheels and covering, to fit any style of Mustang.  Order your 2014 Mustang custom steering wheel today and feel the power of the wheel.

We Are Different

Unlike other manufacturers that limit choices, we do not. When we say you are free to customize your steering wheels, at Exclusive Steering, we give you the freedom you need to be unique. The steering wheel is more than another part of your car’s interior.

It is the tool you use to steer and guide your vehicle. If you were to break your steering wheel, what would you do? Would you settle for a less than perfect steering wheel, or would you choose from a company that allows you to be you?

Every part of your vehicle is an extension of who you are. You inject your personality into your vehicle, and you want it to show. We love helping drivers like yourself find themselves in the things they choose and use.

We allow you to choose your own custom-designed steering wheel, including the colors, and types. Not all steering wheels will fit your classic Mustang. That is why we give you the freedom to choose.

Specs Of Your 2014 Mustang

Your 2014 has the fastest six cylinders ever made and installed in a Mustang. It was faster than the Camaro by 6.1 seconds during its challenge. The original steering wheel is 14 ½” X4 14”. However, with the options now available through our website, it shows more of what you can have.

If your mustang still has its original interior design, a new customized steering wheel will compliment your vehicle and add value to its worth. A great muscle car like the Mustang is still a nice car to show off, any day of the week. 

What We Have To Offer

Below are some of the steering wheel designs we have. The luxurious designs of a Mustang are an excellent choice. Most of all, you do not have to change the wiring and other parts, unless you want to. A steering wheel replacement is not an option, it is a privilege, and you have a privilege at Exclusive Steering. Our custom-made steering wheels are as listed:

  • Lux
  • Round
  • Flat
  • Flat top
  • Flat bottom

Now is the time to be the boss that you are. Place your order today, for your Mustang custom steering wheel, from Exclusive Steering. We ship your order after you customize your order.

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