Everything You Need to Know About Shaping a Custom Steering Wheel

Everything You Need to Know About Shaping a Custom Steering Wheel

There is no part of your automobile with which you make a larger amount of meaningful contact than your steering wheel. It is the direct ergonomic connection between you and the heart of the machine itself. Here at Exclusive Steering, nobody understands this better than our team of custom steering experts. We want to share some key advantages of a custom steering wheel as well as how these highly underrated aftermarket parts are made. 

Improved Interior Styling & Comfort

As the front-and-centermost part of the interior, the look of your Golf GTI carbon fiber steering wheel matters. Leather, wood, carbon fiber, and more can be placed in strategic points on your wheel for optimal styling, improved grip, and enhancing the durability of your custom steering wheel. Plus, with custom materials and ergonomics, the comfort advantage is undeniable. 

There are 11 main prefabricated types of aftermarket steering wheels. By choosing the one that suits you best, you are likely to achieve the maximum ergonomic and aesthetic performance advantages that you could get from any steering wheel. From the tiny, control-laden steering wheels of the famous Formula One racing platform to the classic dual or three-spoke configuration, chances are one of these well-known and proven designs will suit your needs perfectly.

Longer Lasting

Using materials that can better withstand sunlight, cold, and the rigors of performance handling, custom wheels can be made to degrade more slowly.

Greater Control

Finally, with curves and control surfaces specifically designed for your upper body proportions, the biometrics of your hands, and your personal preferences, you will feel the difference as you angle through those hard turns with a custom Subaru steering wheel.

Even the most ordinary modern steering wheels contain electronic command features that allow you to control entertainment and navigation settings, fuel use, turbo systems, and more. Your control features are yours to choose from, and they can often be placed to fall conveniently near where you tend to hold your hands. To learn more about the fascinating process behind these high-end products, and more from Exclusive Steering, get in touch today. Our team of aftermarket performance part experts is eager to help you transform your ride into a record-breaking machine.

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