Enhancing Control and Comfort With a Custom Steering Wheel

Enhancing Control and Comfort with a Custom Steering Wheel

If your car is more than a means of transportation to you, and you care about each element of your vehicle, then you may want a custom steering wheel. The steering wheel is one element of your vehicle that often makes the biggest difference in comfort, control, and style 

Your Steering Wheel Should Match Your Driving Style

A steering wheel is an extension of your hands. Your custom steering wheel choice begins with your grip of the wheel. However, the grip doesn’t only involve your hands. It affects your height and line of vision, the length of your arms, and the angle of the steering wheel. When your hands grip the wheel, do they prefer the texture of leather or vinyl? Do they prefer a padded grip or a grip that barely sheaths the metal base of the wheel?

Your Steering Wheel Should Match Your Interior

When you select your car, you choose its color and style, including the interior style. You may care about the exterior of your car, and you are likely to be meticulous about keeping it washed and waxed. However, when you’re driving, you look at the dashboard and the steering wheel. You’ll want a style and color that matches your car’s interior.

When you take the time and invest the money in getting a custom steering wheel, you also want to be sure it will be durable. You may be gripping it many times a day, and some days, you may grip it more tightly than others. Be sure you ask your wheel customizing company about the materials they use. You’ll need a better quality of materials than the typical metal wheel with standard leather upholstery.

Your Steering Wheel is Yours to Design

When you work with a steering wheel customizer, your imagination should control the design. Your preference for the grip should be your own. At custom steering wheel manufacturers like Exclusive Steering, you’ll find a team that enthusiastically works with you to make your dreams for the right steering wheel come true. You’ll have a wide selection of wheel materials and a choice of grip.

One of the most popular choices for steering wheels is carbon fiber due to its durability and ability to withstand scratches and extreme weather conditions. However, many drivers prefer Kevlar or hybrid wheels. You can also be selective in terms of the color and design of the wheel material. For the grip, you can choose leather (with various depths of padding available) or faux suede like Alcantra.

Your Steering Wheel Should be Right for Your Car

For example, if you’re looking for a Volvo steering wheel, you’ll want sleek, modern, and clean lines – like a Volvo. You don’t have to build your own steering wheel – although we’re there for you if that’s what you want. You could be looking for help creating your wheel – or you may not know what you like until you see it. Whatever your level of involvement, we’re here to cheer you on and make your steering wheel dreams come true.

Don’t hesitate to ask for extra touches like buttons to control the lights, music, and temperature. Your car’s controls should be at your fingertips. Choose your customizer wisely and remember: you’re the one who will be in the driver’s seat.

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