3 Ways to Upgrade Your Car With Custom Steering Options

3 Ways to Upgrade Your Car With Custom Steering Options

Flawless interiors rely on a cohesive design that’s never truly complete until all of the finishing touches work together in harmony. Perhaps you’ve decked out the seating, dash, and even invested in a stylized shifter, but have you considered one of the most important interior elements, your steering wheel? 

Our passion for steering wheel innovation is where it all began, and our expansive capabilities have evolved to accommodate every make and model in existence. With our growing collection of steering wheels, creative customizations, and grip-friendly finishes that look as great as they feel, we’re looking out for every upscale interior with expertise and respect for our client’s goals. If you’ve been searching for a cost-effective, impactful, and truly unique way to highlight the best of your interior, here are a few of the ways we can help. 

Customized Shaping for Any Creative Design 

Before purchasing a luxury leather wrap or buying a completely new steering wheel, our experienced team offers a turn-key steering wheel redesign service. We can custom tailor an exclusive shape for any OEM or aftermarket wheel, and offer creative style options like: 

  • Flat Top & Flat Bottom Designs
  • Race-Inspired Curvature With Wider or Narrower Widths
  • Rectangular, Triangular, & Anything Other Creative Idea You Have in Mind! 

We can always create the exact shape you’re looking for, and with many of our custom steering wheels, our designs are compatible with most integrated systems. If the integrated buttons obstruct your original redesign plan, we can work around the limitation with an alternative and equally impressive solution to maintain the precise aesthetic you’re going for. 

Transform Standard OEM Styles in Custom Works of Art

From Audi carbon fiber steering wheel upgrades to high-end Cadillac designs, our steering wheel specialists can incorporate your choice of finishing fabrics, leathers, and colors into any finalized piece. Sourced from the finest Italian and Japanese manufacturers, all of our fabrics, leathers, and highly-durable carbon fiber selections are individually prepared with your exact preferences in mind. In addition, you can elevate the overall comfort and grip performance with your choice of stylized ergonomics designed exclusively for your hands, resulting in a one-of-a-kind upgrade that you won’t find in your average steering wheel collection. 

Start Fresh With a Brand New Wheel 

If you’d rather upgrade to a completely new wheel, simply tell us about your favorite style and finishes and we’ll handle the rest. From detachable racing wheels to sleek and minimalist styles with built-in hand warmers, our virtually limitless variety of options adapt to any vehicle with ease. 

With any of the new steering wheels we have in store, you can always add your choice of personalization to any of our base models. We manage the entire customization process in-house, and if there’s ever a design or style that you can’t find in our store, get in touch with our steering wheel experts and we’ll do whatever we can to bring your dream design into an affordable reality. 

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