Why You Should Get A Custom Steering Wheel For Your Luxury Car

The right steering wheel means everything. From the handle to the style, you want to get the most out of your car. While makes and models remain consistent, no two people are the same. You can customize your color preference and model to fit your style, but what about an extra level of comfort and personalization? Those looking to enhance their ride may be looking for a different type of luxury. 

Have you considered the advantages of a custom steering wheel?

The Advantages of a Custom Steering Wheel

In brief, the advantages are ergonomic grip, style, and durability. But let’s look at it more in-depth. 


The importance of custom grip cannot be underestimated. Matching the shape of the wheel to the driver’s preference is essential. It is second only to the benefits of matching the shape and proportions of the wheel to meet the biometrics of the driver. The perfect wheel will be the precise ergonomic inverse to the size of the hands, length of the arms, the height of the shoulders when seated, sight angle of the eyes at height, and so on. The mustang carbon fiber steering wheel comes in more than 16 shapes, grip widths, and upholstery designs to match your biomechanics better than any other option on the market.


Arguably, the most important effect of a quality automobile is that it provides an enjoyable experience. The design and upholstery of your interior are at least 50% of the driving experience, and the steering wheel is the central feature of the interior. A custom interior isn’t truly custom unless your steering wheel is hand-picked by you – not stock. 


Finally, durability is an absolute necessity. Even the highest quality common types of surface materials will wear out in time. So many designers make the mistake of covering their stock steering wheels in leather upholstery. While this is nice, it will certainly become dingy and worn with use. That is why we use more durable materials with our custom Mustang carbon fiber steering wheel.

Get A Custom Fiber Steering Wheel

You’ll never get a larger selection of wheel types and shapes, allowing you to choose the configuration that suits you bio-mechanically and stylistically. Select the color scheme you like best and add optional covers for added style and durability, and never settle for a stock steering wheel again!

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