What Are The Benefits Of A Flat Bottom Steering Wheel

What Are The Benefits Of A Flat Bottom Steering Wheel

Flat bottom steering wheels are often seen in exotic supercars, street racers, performance roadsters, and luxury vehicles. They are a simple way to make the interior of any vehicle more distinctive, but there are also a number of comfort and performance benefits to installing a flat bottom steering wheel.


A flat bottom steering wheel stands out, giving the impression that the owner of the vehicle has developed some interesting insights about style and ergonomics. Installing a flat bottom steering wheel is a sure way to add distinction to your interior. But with craftsmanship and styling that is superior to almost any stock wheel, they cannot be beaten for looks alone. Often, interior upgrades will not include the steering wheel, making these a great way to take your enhancements further. But they also come in different styles, sizes, makes, and models. If you’re looking to make your Audi R8 steering wheel look premium, a flat bottom steering wheel may be the answer.


With superior materials like genuine leather and more, your custom flat bottom steering wheel will feel like an extension of your hands. As you grow accustomed to the distinctive flat bottom, you’ll find handy notches to grip for deep turns. You’ll also enjoy the comfort of increased leg room, making it easier to enter and exit your car. 


When it comes to performance, professional drivers almost always prefer a flat bottom steering wheel. But performance drivers especially cite the 5 and 7oclock notches as offering a distinct performance advantage when cornering, negotiating with heavy traffic, and for long hauls. If you want professional-like abilities, a flat bottom steering wheel may be the answer. 

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