Maintenance Matters Tips for Cleaning Your Custom Steering Wheel

Maintenance Matters: Tips for Cleaning Your Custom Steering Wheel

When it comes to upgrading your car’s interior, the steering wheel is a great focal point that’s worth the investment. Below are the best ways to protect your new steering wheel cover for your performance vehicle.

1. Remove Sticky Residue

When your steering wheel arrives, any sticky residue from the packaging should be cleaned. This residue can spread throughout the car if not appropriately cleaned and attract unwanted debris.

2. Use Leather Cleaner

It is critical to protect the leather on the steering wheel. With continuous exposure to the sun and frequent warmth from your hands, it’s likely crack quicker than other leather pieces in your carp. With leather cleaner, you are reinforcing the leather and preventing damage from dirt that can gather.

3. Follow Up With Leather Conditioner

For best results, you should always add a layer of leather conditioner to your steering wheel after cleaning it. It is easily applied with your hands, but like any conditioner, you want to be sure any excess is wiped away. 

4. Clean In the Morning

Before you start your day, you should clean the steering wheel with a cloth, removing any dirt and dust that may have gotten in overnight.

5. Clean In the Evening

Just like the mornings, you should do a quick clean in the evenings to remove any debris that your steering wheel may have encountered.

6. Use Appropriate Cleaners for Different Materials

Depending on the type of steering wheel you have purchased, the cleaner must match the material. You do not want to put the same cleaner for plastic on a leather steering wheel.

7. Keep Wipes Available

Accidents can happen at any time, so it is important to have car cleaning wipes within reach. If there is a spill, you can clean it quickly before there is too much damage.

8. Always Use a Microfiber Cloth

To keep your steering wheel as clean as possible, always have a microfiber cloth on hand for scheduled and impromptu wipe-downs. Microfiber will grab most of the dirt and debris from your steering wheel.

9. Steam Clean Leather Steering Wheel

If you are steam cleaning your seats in your vehicle, your leather steering wheel can also benefit from that heat and preserve the texture of the steering wheel. Steam cleaning this interior regularly will allow the steering wheel to last longer than others.

10. Avoid Hard Chemical Cleaners

It doesn’t take a lot to properly clean the different types of steering wheels. Some of these cleaners have hard chemicals that can be dangerous to your health and others around you.

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