Luxury Redefined: Customizing Your Audi Steering Wheel  

Some cars go beyond serving as mere modes of transportation, and Audi is undoubtedly one of them. Audi drivers know they can always count on sleek handling and smooth operations. Many Audi drivers attribute their indescribable confidence when driving an Audi to its iconic steering wheel. Today’s Audi steering wheels go beyond turning mechanisms; they have evolved into manual control centers.

Hand movement and feedback are the primary features a driver is looking for when judging the quality of a steering wheel. Audi engineering is evident in the effortless way the steering wheel responds to the slightest touch of your hand. Each curve you navigate will feel like you are sculpting it into existence rather than steering. When the Audi’s steering wheel is in the middle position for driving straight ahead, the car is designed to resist wind and withstand most road conditions.

Exclusive Steering Design Facility

If you love your Audi, you’ll want to retain the characteristically effortless driving intended by its design. However, you still hold the power to transform your steering wheel’s appearance. At Exclusive Steering, we can change the appearance of your steering wheel to suit your design preference and your sensory experience.

Audi steering wheels are precisely designed with just enough layers of cushioning and a smooth surface to produce a non-slip feel. Yet, your wheels’ rim shape, color, and configurations can be changed to suit your visual and tactile preferences. By working with Exclusive Steering, Audi drivers can fashion the 2013 Audi A6 steering wheel of their dreams. You’ll have the choice of selecting the components of your wheel or asking us to help you build it.

Choosing Your Wheel Design

The first choice you will make is the shape of your steering wheel. The classic Audi steering wheel is circular, except for the bottom, which is flattened. You might opt for a flattened wheel top or a completely rounded steering wheel.

Some drivers prefer to remove the top segment of the wheel for a “competition” type wheel. With that style, the wheel also features flaring inner sides. Instead of the standard black style, you might choose the “lux” type of wheel, which is translucent.

Next Steps in Wheel Choices

Your next choice will be the material from which the outer wheel is composed. You might choose an outer carbon fiber coating, perforated leather, or Alcantara (similar to suede.) You’ll have a choice of 15 colors for the outer surface of your wheel. The finish of the outer material can be glossy or matte, depending on your preference.

Next, you’ll choose the material and size of your grips. Grips are typically leather or Alcántara. If you prefer a perforated texture, you can select one. You can also add ergonomic grips on the back of the wheel for additional driving ease and efficiency.

Visit Exclusive to Design Your Custom Wheel

Your reasons for upgrading your steering wheel are your own. You may prefer the “competition” design for the freedom you perceive without its upper segment. The lux wheel gives you a unique, clear appearance. The appearance may not matter to you; perhaps a heated wheel option is most important to you.
Imagine your Audi RS3 carbon fiber steering wheel with a bright red rim and a wheel that’s entirely round. Maybe your dream steering wheel has a wood grain finish, and your idea of the perfect inner carbon layer has a honeycomb fiber. At Exclusive Steering, we know Audi drivers have discriminating tastes. Please browse our website to spark your imagination, or visit our Warminster, PA, facility to talk to our design experts in person.

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