Let’s Take Your Steering Wheel to The Next Level

Let’s Take Your Steering Wheel to The Next Level

Responsive handling and interior class come together in our all-inclusive lineup of optimized, aesthetically stunning, and fully-customizable steering wheels. Starting with the finest Italian and Japanese leathers and featuring only expertly-engineered materials, our experienced car enthusiasts offer everything from OEM steering wheel upgrades to one-of-a-kind customizations that reflect your interior vision down to the last detail. Imagine your perfect steering wheel style, and we’ll bring it to life with luxurious colors, detail-oriented shaping, and innovative styles that introduce elements of comfort, smoother performance, and lasting aesthetic finesse. 

The Right Shaping Promotes Optimal Grip

A popular steering wheel upgrade begins with a reimagined base structure. If your basic OEM wheel lacks comfortable ergonomics, professional leather wrapping, or is simply too bulky or narrow, our greater range of steering wheels adapt to your specific hand size and handling preferences. For example, if you want to open up your sightline with a race-inspired wheel shaping that’s free of the upper portion, our precision processes allow us to remove any unwanted sections without damaging the base. We’ll stylize the final wheel with your choice of ergonomic grip styles, preferred width, and incorporate exceptional additions like our softest leathers and quality carbon-fiber (or virtually any other material) designs. 

Bold Colors & Patterns Bring New Life to Every Interior

Transforming bland interior styles with a burst of individuality is one of the best reasons to consider a new steering wheel upgrade. Check out our range rover steering wheel upgrade to visualize our eye-catching interior finishes for yourself, and get in touch with our steering wheel experts to discuss a matching wheel enhancement that stands out from the factory edition. With any of our diverse wheel styles, we can refine the finish with elegant polish, bold mattes, or create a truly unique style with wood grain or pearl for a look that’s timeless and built to last.  

Steering Wheel Innovation at its Finest

We design our professional wheels with the latest steering wheel technologies in mind. From visually stunning LED inlays that display RPMs and other relevant road information, to individually-tailored Tesla Model 3 steering wheel upgrades that protect your expensive components from inexperienced steering wheel companies; our customization experts can upgrade your steering wheel for any make and model in existence, and we have a mastery of blending trending styles with all of the newest steering wheel features. Heating steering? Our leather-wrapped steering wheels will keep your hands toasty. Central console control at the touch of a button? Our integrated steering wheel upgrades will keep you connected and in control. 

Upgrade Your OEM Wheel or Find a Better One

Our flexible team is here to accommodate your cost-effective upgrade in any way that we can. If you like the shaping of your current wheel, we can easily add some aesthetic touches to uplift the look. If you like the size of your wheel, but want to upgrade to a more ergonomic grip pattern, we’ll make it happen.

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