Innovative and Unique Custom Steering Wheel Design

To everyday drivers, a car is simply a way to get from point A to point B. To car enthusiasts, a vehicle is an extension of our personality and sense of style. We enjoy the driving experience and always enjoy upgrading our vehicles to stand out in a crowd. Enhancing the interior of your car is as simple as customizing your steering wheel.

Take the driver’s seat to new levels and create a statement piece making your vehicle uniquely yours. Whether you are looking for an Audi carbon fiber steering wheel, a custom Porsche steering wheel, or another custom steering wheel for your car, the team at Exclusive Steering is here to design one for you.

Materials Are As Versatile As your Imagination

Luxe Leather – The Classic Choice

Leather steering wheels are traditional and provide luxury and comfort. They’re soft to the touch, durable, comfortable and timeless. Enjoy an array of grains, colors, and textures to coordinate and complement your interior. The drawback with leather is that it requires special cleaning and care to prevent cracking and drying out. This is especially true for locations that have extreme temperatures.

Elegant Wood Grain – Old-Fashioned but in a Good Way

If you are looking for a stunning touch to your interior, wood is a perfect choice. Wood offers gracious grains, colors, and textures and is appealing to classic cars or if you are looking for a vintage effect. The drawback with wood steering wheels is they can become slippery and not provide a grip like other materials.

Carbon Fiber – Modern Innovations For Today’s Driver

Sleek, modern, and sporty, carbon fiber offers endless creative versatility. This innovative material is lightweight, durable, and provides a sophisticated modern look. This includes kevlar and hybrid materials from twill, honeycomb, and forged products offering a rainbow of colors, finishes, textures, and styles. Although these materials run on the expensive side, they are low maintenance and long-lasting.

Personalize and Embellish Your Steering Wheel

Go the extra step with your customized steering wheel by adding engraving and stitching options. Monograms, special dates, and unique designs add a personalized edge to your steering wheel. Embroidery is another option that adds a softer flair. It is recommended to add embroidery to areas of the wheel that aren’t touched as much as others because it will show wear.

LED Indicators and Display Light Things Up

Technology has entered the steering wheel scene. They light up digital displays and add style to your interior with functionality and fashion. Lights offer helpful driving information like speed, RPM, audio, and navigation details. This technology requires special installation techniques to get the best results. It’s best to have it professionally installed.

Creative Shapes Break Traditional Molds

The status quo of a round steering wheel is no longer the only shape you can enjoy. Explore different options like D-shaped, oval shapes, and others. It’s interesting to note these shapes are more ergonomic, offer more legroom, and improve the visibility on the dashboard. They may take a little practice and time to get used to, but when you enter the world of creative shapes, you’ll never look back.

Color Coordinate Your Steering Wheel To Tie It All Together

Color is one of the easiest ways to fine-tune and coordinate your vehicle’s interior. The color of your steering wheel ties the overall look together. Whether you are going for a color that matches your exterior paint, contrasting with your upholstery, or adding an out-of-the-ordinary neon for an unexpected pop, color is the key. Always use premium quality products to prevent fading and chipping.

Heighten Your Driving Experience With Customized Steering Wheels

Start your customized steering wheel journey with the experienced and like-minded enthusiasts at Exclusive Steering. Contact us today.

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