From Concept to Reality: Design Your Dream Wheel Today

For many drivers, their cars are not only a means of transportation but a tangible expression of their personality. Some drivers want to further imprint their spirit onto their cars by customizing their steering wheels. By changing the appearance of your wheel, you can also transform its function – and give new intention to the wheel’s movement.

Here are some guidelines to take into consideration when you are crafting a customized steering wheel:

Steps for Creating Your Perfect Steering Wheel

If you already have a wheel design in mind, you can upload your design to our website. Our design team will then craft the components of your wheel to meet those specifications. If you don’t have a design, the process begins with style selection. After that, you would then next choose a custom shape.

Choose Your Wheel Shape

For the shape of your wheel, you can select a conventional circle shape, a circle with blunted corners, a triangle, or an original shape. To form that shape, you can choose from available materials, such as carbon fiber, Kevlar, or a hybrid material. The wheel shape will be forged into a honeycomb, twill, or pearl finish. The thickness of the metal rim can be customized.

Steering Wheel Skeleton

Our custom steering wheels are forged from carbon fiber and available in several textures. In some cases, its color can also be customized – so the metal sections visible through the grip openings can have the appearance that best pleases your senses. Wheels are covered in your choice of materials and with ergonomic finger grooves. With each of our steering wheels, you will provide your own function buttons and airbag attachment, unless you request customized versions of those items in advance.

Pick Your Preferred Covering Material

The “skeleton” of the wheel will be covered by one of several materials. Leather is one of the most common choices for steering wheel covers. Alcantra (faux leather with a soft suede texture), wood grain, and satin covers are also available. Some drivers prefer a painted finish, while others prefer a glass finish.

Additional Options for Your Customized Steering Wheel

In addition to your material choice for the inner rim of the wheel and your choice for the outside covering, you can specify other aspects of your customized steering wheel. One of those aspects is an option for heating the wheel. To further personalize the appearance of the outer covering, you can choose which style and color stitching will be used on the covering.

Visibility of Functions and Controls

Computer controls for your car can be visible as an LED display through the OBD portal on your dashboard. The finish trim around your function buttons can be customized to become a prominent part of the wheel design or to be unobtrusive. Your center console can include a brand logo or omit that feature option.

Your Ideal Steering Experience

At Exclusive Steering, each car component extends your desire to move forward. Of all those components, your steering wheel can exude the most tangible embodiment of your essence. Let your imagination reign. If you’re looking for a Mustang custom steering wheel, Exclusive Steering offers several choices of grip shape and material. We can also provide a competition-style wheel design.

Visit Our Website Today To Select Your Custom Steering Wheel

If you are looking for a customized BMW steering wheel, our company offers an equally varied selection of wheels. With any of our personalized wheels, we will provide you with the choice of building the wheel yourself tool. We offer you a limited lifetime warranty on all of our work. 

Visit our online store today to begin the creation of your customized steering wheel.

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