Ways to Protect Your Steering Wheel

5 Ways To Protect Your New Leather Steering Wheel

One of the first questions we get after installing custom-made steering wheels is how to protect them. After all, you want your investment to last as long as the car and continue to have that luster and shine that a new leather steering wheel does. So how can you protect your new leather steering wheel? 

Ways to Protect Your Steering Wheel

Here’s our list of ways you can protect your new leather steering wheel. The best part is, that none of them take more than 15 minutes to do. 

1. Invest in a Quality Leather Cleaner

Just like your car’s interior, you’ll want to keep your new leather steering wheel clean in order to maintain that like-new look. Harsh scrubbing tools aren’t necessary, as long as you’ve got a quality leather cleaner on hand and you routinely wipe it down. 

2. Regularly Apply Leather Conditioner 

Applying a leather conditioner is just like moisturizing your skin. Many leather conditioners and cleaners are sold in sets, so you can clean first and then apply a lubricating, protective conditioner after. This keeps the leather supple and soft without leaving a greasy feeling. 

A leather conditioner is one of the best ways you can maintain custom-made steering wheels. After all, it’s much cheaper to buy a leather conditioner for under $20 than it is to have a custom-made steering wheel made. 

3. Install a Steering Wheel Cover

It might seem counterintuitive to hide your brand-new leather steering wheel beneath a cover, but sometimes that’s the best thing for it in the long run. The great thing about steering wheel covers is that most of them are customizable in some way to give your steering wheel a personalized feel. 

4. Park in the Shade 

Leather and sunlight do not mix, whether it’s your steering wheel or your leather seats. Whenever possible, park in the shade so that direct sunlight doesn’t reach your leather. You can also invest in a sunshade if parking out of the sun isn’t an option. 

5. Keep it Clean

We talked about cleaning your leather steering wheel, but sometimes the best cleaning tips are preventative measures. Try not to drive with sticky, wet, or greasy hands. The more wear and tear you put your new leather steering wheel through, the shorter its lifespan. 

Ask the Experts

If you’re still unsure how to care for your new leather steering wheel, no sweat. The Exclusive Steering experts are here to help guide you towards ways to keep it looking brand-new for a long time. Give us a call any time to get help caring for your new leather steering wheel and to answer any questions you might have. We’re happy to help!

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