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With 16 years of experience, Exclusive Steering was founded by a group of like-minded car enthusiasts, determined to deliver only the finest custom steering wheels to car enthusiasts worldwide. Your interior is only limited by your imagination.

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The Best Custom Steering Wheels

As avid car enthusiasts, we know how much fun customizing your car can be. Yet a lot of attention typically goes to the exterior of your car. When it comes to the interior, the seats take priority. We believe that you should put just as much thought and detail into the steering wheel.

Steering wheels not only play an important functional aspect to your car, but they can also make quite a visual impression as well. It’s why we made Exclusive Steering. We wanted to give steering wheels the credit they’re due. Here’s what you need to know about our custom car steering wheels company.

We Focus on Quality

Whether you want carbon fiber steering wheels or some other kind of material, we have you covered. Our company focuses on quality above everything else when it comes to creating custom made steering wheels.

It’s why we frequently import leather from Japan and Italy. We want materials that not only look great but also feel great beneath the palms of your hands. When you order custom Cadillac steering wheels or Evo X steering wheels, we know that you’re interested in quality.

You can expect only the best from our custom steering wheels company.

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If you want the best custom car steering wheels, then you need to choose our shop. Take a look at our past custom made steering wheels to see what we’re about. Then contact us to order your custom steering wheels and finally have the wheel of your dreams.

We Don’t Limit Design

A lot of other custom steering wheel manufacturers limit creativity. These custom steering wheel manufacturers only give you a set of choices from which to choose your Corvette steering wheels or STI steering wheels. We want to be something different.

That’s why we’ve stepped away from the other custom steering wheel manufacturers to give you unlimited creativity. No matter what kind of design you want for your custom racing steering wheels or custom car steering wheels, we can make it happen. Everything from the shape to the material is entirely up to you.

We Can Handle Any Make and Model

Another aspect that sets us apart from others is that we have experience making custom racing steering wheels and custom steering wheels for any kind of car. Some of the cars we’ve created custom made steering wheels for are:

  • Corvette
  • Chevy
  • Dodge
  • Nissan
  • Jeep
  • Several others

Because we’ve worked on so many cars, we know what each one requires. When you need Mercedes steering wheels or Jeep JK steering wheels, we’re the ones to turn to.

The last thing you want is to order custom racing steering wheels or custom made steering wheels from an inexperienced customization shop. Not only will you likely not receive the design you wanted, but you may also find that the custom steering wheels don’t function. Worse, they may break after use.

Our experience handling different cars ensures that we make custom car steering wheels that are visually impressive, functional, and can last for several years.

Get your perfect custom steering wheel at Exclusive Steering. Visit our onsite store, and see why customers cannot get enough of our high-quality custom car steering wheels. We carry a diverse selection of products for you to choose from. The question we ask is why would you pay hundreds of dollars more when you can get compatible parts for far less.

These parts are called aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts are not manufactured by the original manufacturer. Several manufacturers create quality, compatible parts, so they can save car enthusiasts money on custom parts. You can custom and order your aftermarket steering wheel, from prominent custom steering wheel manufacturers.

Personalize Your Car With Aftermarket Steering Wheels

You can personalize your aftermarket steering wheel, or choose from selected redesigned customer-racing steering wheels. We offer several customizable tools that allow you to pick and choose all of your favorite styles and designs. Everything you need to be creative is at your fingertips.

Our customizable custom racing steering wheels provide you with a smooth ride and a stylish look if you like showing off your vehicle. Our customized wheels include:

  • McLaren
  • Porsche
  • Mini Cooper
  • Nissan and more

At Exclusive Steering, we give you access to our premium tools, located on our website. If you have your design and want to implement it, just upload your design and submit it to our design teams. If you are not familiar with our selection process, we will guide you through the process, from beginning to end.

We put you in the driver’s seat and let you take control. Our powerful aftermarket steering wheel lets you choose quality steering wheels, from high-end manufacturers, with a love for cars. Every material we handle is safe, durable, and adjustable.

Our carbon fabric materials are imported from Italy and Japan. When you are ready to customize your aftermarket steering wheel, contact us to get started today. Pay for your order at once, or take advantage of our financing options. We ship your order as soon as it is approved. From Mustangs to Durangos, we have you covered.